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How To Make An 18th Century Breakfast

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. not only has one of the most remarkable names for a channel on YouTube, he


Kids Try 100 Years Of Thanksgiving Dishes

This "turkey holiday" is around the corner so the people from Bon Appétit did a little pre-tasting. Only with kids


102-Year-Old Gets Herself Arrested For Her Bucket List

How cute is that?! Edie Simms, 102, wanted to cross something from her bucket list. Over 100 years without an


Elderly From Around The World Give Sage Advice To Young People

Norwegian YouTuber Freddy Fairhair traveled around the world and asked senior citizens from all over the globe the same question: If


Oldest Gymnast In The World Will Inspire You

Saying Johanna Quaas is an experienced gymnast is an understatement. Her first competition was in 1934, before World War II.


Seniors React To Dubstep

The Fine Bros are famous for their Kids React series, where they interview kids after showing them a piece of current pop


Reporter Interviews Two Old Friends

NBC news reporter Ben Aaron went to the Fair Lawn Senior Center to learn about love and romance, and found two


Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry Performs Lonely Boy By The Black Keys

This ridiculous video of Deb Spoon Perry 'performing' a cover with spoons has really taken off this week, amassing over


86 Year Old Performs Gymnastics

Johanna Quaas has impressed the Internet, and the world, when she performed a gymnastics routine at the Turnier der Meister competition,


Grandparents Using Photo Booth Compilation

Grandparents attempting to use technology has always been an Internet favorite, especially when they use Photo Booth. Here's a thirteen


Grandpa Plays Harmonica

This video from January went viral after Collaterlie_Sisters posted the video of his 93 year old grandpa on Reddit. The old man


Future Internet Hipsters

Like baby boomers today who love to talk about being hippies during the 60's, in fifty years, Internet hipsters will