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The New York Subway Is Crazy

Firsthand stories on the crazy things that happen in the New York subway. [embed][/embed]

OMG A Butterfly

Motorcyclist Dodges Car Crash At Last Second On Highway

Riding a motorcycle automatically with comes with extra dangers that don't exist when driving a car. Motorcyclist enthusiast BreakingMoto knows this more than anyone. Recently…

Three Month Old Baby Says ‘I Love You’

The moment a baby says "I love you" for the first time is a thrill for every parent. But most…

Tipping Fast Food Workers $100 Will Make You Smile

The pranksters of Simple Pickup recently held an online fundraiser, but for an unknown reason, the money was returned. The bros…

Indian Baby Tossing Ritual

British news channel The Telegraph brings us this report from India on what in America and the rest of the Western world would…

Dog With Longest Ears Record

Harbor is a Coonhound with the world's longest dog ears. Amazingly, they give out records for that. His left ear is 12.25 inches…

Fan Falls To His Death Catching Foul Ball At Rangers – A’s Game

Yesterday at the Rangers A's game, a fan fell over a railing trying to catch a foul ball. He actually…

Jenna Rose – OMG

Jenna Rose, the lame duck from My Jeans, stars in her next disaster. OMG. Is she the next Rebecca Black?…


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