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Dog Adopts Baby Opossum

This adorable video was published by MyrtleBeachSafari at the end of January, but it has only gone viral now with over…

Woman Finds Cute Possum Family In Her Closet

Tara McVicar has a problem. She found an uninvited house guest in the closet of her indoor-outdoor room. Yes, she found…

Camper Finds Adorable Surprise In Camp Shower

Aussie Stephen Paice went camping and was about to hit the campsite showers when he found a big surprise. Thankfully, it was…

Pet Possum Eating A Strawberry

This video published by Cudaviper in 2011 only went viral now, and is featured on DailyPicks. The video features a pet possum who…

Snowboarding Opossum

Liberty Mountain Resort published this adorable commercial for their great skiing facilities of their very special mascot. Ratatouille the opossum as…

Sugar Gliders Packed In A Cool Whip Container

Yes, these little chipmunk looking guys are really called sugar gliders. How many of these cute, little marsupials can be…

Girl In Bikini Holding An Opossum

Here's something you have definitely never seen before. A girl in a pink bikini holding an opossum like it's a baby.…



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