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Cat Gets Dizzy Watching Optical Illusion

When you're on the internet more or less everyday, you've seen a lot of optical illusion for sure. This cat


7 Amazing Optical Illusions

Quirkology put together another round of interesting and inspiring optical illusions that already gathered over 170,000 views on YouTube. via:


You Can’t See These Optical Illusion And Mind Tricks!

Mitchell Moffit and Rachel Salt from Asap Science put together some selected optical illusions where you actually can't see stuff.


8 Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions

I really dig optical illusions, love to see new ones and like it, when some of them are explained to


Old 16th Century Painting Has Skull Illusion Hidden

Famous Middle Ages artist Hans Holbein painted this work of art in 1533. While enjoy the piece, WorldScott showed viewers how Hans hid


Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion

Thanks to 3D printing, regular people can now create things that only a few years ago would cost thousands of dollars


Hole Cut Out Of Hand Illusions Is Creepy

Artist TutoDraw took their craft to the next level with this outrageous optical illusion. Somehow, they perfectly drew an illusion to make


Woman Apparently Disappears On Live TV

Aren't optical illusions fun? During a sports news broadcast, viewers were stunned when apparently a woman in the background simply vanished!


Color Changing Cake Will Mesmerize You

Pictures and art that change color based on how the light hits them is nothing new. Every kid had a


Everyday Objects Are Actually Anamorphic Illusions Made Of Paper

Anamorphic illusions trick the brain into seeing a 3D object that is actually flat as paper. Illusionist Brusspup is one of the


Pouring Water Into A Glass Will Leave You Asking WTF

At first, this short clip looks like just a guy pouring some seltzer into a glass. Ok, so what? Except


Skinning A Watermelon Trick

Mark Rober is famous online for his unique tricks and optical illusions. In his latest video, he blew the minds of