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A Man Tosses A Treat At An Orangutan and Gets A Surprise

Man Tosses An Orangutan A Treat and Gets A Surprise A video no one should miss out on! In this


Wild Orangutan Learns How To Use A Saw

"Spy In The Wild" is just another wildlife documentary show on BBC. With this preview for episode 2 of the


Orangutan Is Mesmerized By Pregnant Woman’s Baby Bump

This video from January is only going viral now with hundreds of thousands of new views. While visiting the orangutan exhibit


Orangutan Builds Hammock In Zoo Enclosure

Most of us understand that apes and monkeys are some of the most intelligent creatures in the animal kingdom besides for us


Orangutan Babysits Tiger Cubs

What's cuter than a bunch of baby tiger cubs playing and wrestling? How about an orangutan babysitter? In Myrtle Beach, South


Orangutan Baby Rickina Is Adorable

This adorable video by Orangutan Outreach was posted three weeks ago, but is trending now more than ever after receiving a viral


Orangutan Meets Baby

This video from 2011 went viral a year ago, and is trending ago now after appearing on Arbroath, UniqueDaily, DailyPicks, and


Orangutans Use iPad At Miami Zoo To Choose Their Own Lunch

The Milwaukee County Zoo were one of the first zoos to give their orangutans access to the iPad to play


Zoo Gives Orangutans iPads

The Milwaukee County Zoo conducted an experiment where they introduced iPads to some of the great apes they have with


Orangutan Smoking At Malaysian Zoo

Shirley, an orangutan at the Malacca zoo in Malaysia has been caught on camera smoking cigarettes thrown to her from zoo guests. The


Orangutan Washes Like Human

If you still need more proof that humans are related to great apes, here's some more evidence. This orangutan washes


Orangutan Saves Baby Bird

At a zoo Orangutan exhibit, a small baby bird is in the pond. Apparently, the bird was stuck and needed