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Lion Cubs Meet Dad For First Time

The new lion cub triplets at the Oregon Zoo had their first hangout with their dad Zawadi Mungu. It was a little tense


Black Bear Cubs Are Freaking Adorable

The Oregon Zoo just received three orphaned black bear cubs. And they are sweeter than honey.  Even though mama bear and


Rescued Cougar Cubs Are The Cutest

The Oregon Zoo has recently adopted three precious cougar cubs. Sadly, their mother was killed by a hunter. Thankfully, the three were


Baby Elephant’s First Year Is Adorable

The Oregon Zoo's newest elephant is already one year old. In honor of Lily's first birthday, the zoo created this


Lion Cubs Play Outside

Remember the lion cubs at the Oregon Zoo that went viral two weeks ago? Well, they're back, and bigger than ever. The


Five Week Old Lion Cubs At Oregon Zoo

Sure, kittens are cute and are a serious viral commodity online, but they simply can't compete with lion kittens! The Oregon


Camera On Polar Bear Collar Offers Bear Point Of View

Oregon Zoo has attached a special collar to their polar bear Tasul in the hopes of learning more about the endangered


Baby River Otter Learns To Swim

Most people are surprised to learn that baby otters don't instinctually know how to swim when they are born. Ironically, the water


Sea Otter Plays Basketball To Relieve Arthritis Pain

The Oregon Zoo has gone viral with this adorable video of Eddie the Sea Otter. Eddie was rescued off the southern