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Osama bin Shoppin


Obama Osama Mix Up Compilation

The news media was so excited about Osama Bin Laden's killing that they could barely speak properly. Slip ups and


Osama Bin Laden Buckle Up Commercial

It will be some time before Osama Bin Laden is forgotten about. His killing has spurred news reports, spoofs, and,


Russian Guy Reacts To Osama Bin Laden Death

The death of has left a serious mark on the world. Everyone across the globe heard the news. Except this


Barack Obama Raps About Death Of Bin Laden

The best and most famous Obama impersonator, Alphacat, has been quiet for a while now. There hasn't been any good action


President Bush Reacts To Osama Bin Laden’s Death

This past week has been a crazy one, with Bin Laden finally being killed and all. But there's one important


Senator Obama At 08 Pres Debate Says He Would Go Into Pakistan For Osama

This older video of the 2008 Presidential Debate has recently become more popular. Then Senator Obama explains his strategy and


News Woman Keeps Saying Obama Instead Of Osama

There already was a news blooper clip that went viral of a local Fox News station calling Osama Obama. But


Janitor In Scrubs Was Right About Osama

The Janitor in the TV show Scrubs is the ultimate troll. He messes with JD for no apparent reason from


Redneck On 4X4 Celebrating Shooting Gun After Osama Death

When Osama Bin Laden was finally killed people ran to the White House and Ground Zero to celebrate. But no


Osama Bin Laden’s Hideout In Pakistan

This video that has gone viral claims to show Osama Bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan. We don't really know what


Phillies Fans Cheer Osama Bin Laden Death

The Phillies and Mets were playing the night that the news of Osama Bin Laden's death was announced. Some of