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In Your Face!

The most vulnerable part of the human body maybe... Ouch! [embed][/embed]

Trapped in One Thousand Mousetraps (Slow Motion Footage)

It takes some balls of steel to voluntarily dive into one thousand mousetraps, but at least the slow motion footage…

Keg Tapping: A How Not To Tutorial

Keg tapping is an underrated skill and this video proves why it takes extensive training to get it right.

How A Hockey Puck In Your Face Feels

Ice hockey is by no means a sport for pussies, as this video proves.

Egyptian Army Orchestra Destroying National Anthems

Yes, they are kind of... special. You can see the dislike on Putin's face... Upload by Light Mi. via: b3ta

How To Prepare For Parenthood

How To DAD got us the perfect test to get started with all these parenthood feelings and responsibilities. Ouch!

This Is Why You Should Never Try To Crack A Really Long Whip

Ouch! Bryan Ropar's World of Science and Engineering tried to boss this really long whip, but the score board says…

Will Arnett Walks Barefoot Over A Bed Of Legos

If you happen to have friends who talk about those motivational stunts like walking over glowing ashes - show them…

Best Fails Of The Month January 2017

It's FailArm with another tranding fail video compilation. This time: The best of January 2017 - with over 3.5 million…

Hilarious Farm Animal Fails

TGIF - Thank god it's FailArmy, right?! This time they present us a compilation of the silliest moments regarding animals.…

Girl Plays On Thin Ice And Pays The Price

Gp Funny uploaded this video of a girl stepping on thin ice. As it is with thin ice, it is…

Rhett & Link Eat The World’s Spiciest Curry

"Hot Ones" host Sean Evans invited YouTube duo Rhett & Link to eat something hot. This episode by First We…


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