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How College is Funded?

23 November, 2021



Guy Falls Off Skate Board, Skate Board Flies Up, Hits His Head

Now that is called a double skateboard fail. Not only does this guy fall and smash his hip, the skate…

Amazing Rocket Jump In War Scene

In a battle scene the enemy has the higher ground with a machine gun. Our hero thinks in 8-bits how…

Justin Bieber Hit In The Head By Water Bottle

Some girl has a really good arm. Ouch. Actually it was a t-shirt wrapped around a Sour Patch Kids candy,…

Fake Crash Proof Bike German Newscast

Yes, it's obviously fake. It's still funny and ironic.

Rudi Macaggi Balances Over Moving Buzz Saw- America’s Got Talent, Top 48

Howie was scared, but the rest of the audience was shocked and amazed by Rudi balancing over a moving buzz…


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