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Overly Attached Boyfriend


Overly Attached Girl Recites Taylor Swift Lyrics

Laina, better know as the Overly Attached Girlfriend online, has returned to enlighten Taylor Swift fans.  After reciting lyrics from


Normally Attached Girlfriend

Everyone online knows Laina as the Overly Attached Girlfriend. But she's no one trick pony. She's teamed up with popular online personality


Forever Alone VS Overly Attached Girlfriend Rap Battle

What web viewer isn't familiar with the Forever Alone meme character and Overly Attached Girlfriend. As the two Internet personalities


Overly Attached Girlfriend Makes Sandwich

Laina, the web's favorite Overly Attached Girlfriend, has resurfaced over the weekend, going viral with this new video. To help


Overly Attached Girlfriend Responds To NSA Surveillance With ‘Overly Attached Uncle Sam’ Performance

By now, even the most apathetic have heard the news that government is--and has been for a while now--spying on


Overly Attached Girlfriend’s Disturbing Mother’s Day Message

Remember Overly Attached Girlfriend? She originally went viralviral performing a creepy, stalker cover of Justin Bieber's hit single Boyfriend  and then


Overly Attached Girl Debuts ‘Dare To Share’ Charity

Viral video Internet star Overly Attached Girlfriend is turning her Internet fame into a greater force for good. With the helpful


Breaking Up With Overly Attached Girlfriend

The Internet famous Overly Attached Girlfriend teamed up with college YouTuber Life According  To Jimmy for a collaborated video that has instantly


Overly Attached Girl Performs Pop Lip Sync

Riding on the coattails of her last video's success, the Overly Attached Girlfriend is back. This time she performs a very special lip


Overly Attached Girlfriend Parodies Call Me Maybe

The super creepy girl that covered Justin Bieber's Boyfriend two weeks ago was such a viral hit she has been


Creepy Girl Cover Of Justin Bieber Boyfriend

Justin Bieber is holding a contest for fans to make their own parodies of his hit single Boyfriend. This girl's