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Wild Owls Dance For GoPro Camera

Wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz put her GoPro camera down on the ground in front of a burrowing owl hole. She never


Smiling Owl Is Happy To See You

This short clip by Adam Poley has gone viral with over half a million hits. The video features a snow white


Man Removes Owl From His House Using A Swiffer

Apparently a Swiffer is good for cleaning more than just the floors. For too long, Colton Wright had an uninvited owl flying


True Facts About The Owl

After a short hiatus, popular YouTuber Ze Frank has returned with another serving of his hilarious and entertaining True Facts series.  In


Korean Man Wakes Up Sleeping Bird

This short video by Korean YouTuber 형철 박 has gone viral, garnering over 200,000 views in just one day. While walking


Owl Shows Affection To Dog Friend

For some reason, inter species friendships really amazes us humans. Maybe it's because we're so tribal, or maybe it's just because they are


Lovely Owl

This adorable owl video is going viral across the globe, but especially in Poland. It's simply a video of adorable


Owl Attacking In Super Slow Motion

This video posted in 2009 has had a recent surge of popularity. Have you ever wondered what it must fee


Owl Stares At Camera

There's got to be something serious going on that we can't see. The owl stares perfectly at the camera. Even


Owl Hunts Invisible Prey

Maybe this cute owl sees something we don't. It keeps trying to grab something.