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Ozzy Man Reviews: Man vs Truck

You know what you're getting into before watching an Ozzy Man Reviews video, but this one is some extra kind…

The Goose Against Cows Video Review

As if the video on itself wasn't funny enough, Ozzy Man blesses us with a thorough review of one of…

Ozzy Man Reviews: Trump’s Handshake Wars

Ozzy Man Reviews some of the most awkward handshakes of modern history. "Me commentary on Trumpster's handshake domination." As a…

Ozzy Man Reviews: Best Of Ping Pong 2016

Even if you don't happen to find the comments by Ozzy Man Reviews entertaining - this is some pretty great…

Ozzy Man Reviews: Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Gig

Another one of Ozzy Man's hilarious reviews. This time he tells it how it is regarding the half time show…



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