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Playing Pac-Man On The MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Getting to play Pac-Man on the new touch bar of the MacBook Pro is kind of a win by Raymond…

Here’s The Only Guy To Ever ‘Beat’ Pac-Man

When you bring up classic video games, a few big hits come to mind. In almost everyone's top three is Pac-Man.…

How To Make Halloween Pac Man Pumkins

This maybe one the coolest Halloween Jack-o-lanterns I've seen. It's also pretty simple to make.

Original Human Pac-Man Performance

From the creators of the human Tetris game, comes human Pac Man. French-Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond is the creator of this stop-motion…

Amazing Animations On Record Player

Using a high tech camera, record player, and imagination, this guy makes cool animations just by putting plastic on the…


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