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Epic Paint Super Soaker Battle

YouTuber Mark Rober modified some Super Soakers and filled a room with paint - with a little help of Colin


Painted dancers look like impressionistic painting

Dancers Jon Boogz and Lil Buck got painted by artist Alexa Meade to look like being set in an impressionistic


Old 16th Century Painting Has Skull Illusion Hidden

Famous Middle Ages artist Hans Holbein painted this work of art in 1533. While enjoy the piece, WorldScott showed viewers how Hans hid


Exploding Spray Paint In Slow Motion

Spray paint is always fun for some entertainment. The Slow Mo Guys took some cans and took the spray action to the


Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders Rap Battle

Even though everyone has acknowledged that Hillary Clinton has made history by being the first woman to be chosen as one


Dad Can’t Help But Laugh After Catching Toddler Sons Covered In Paint

This father was livid when he caught his two young sons covered in paint. Their faces were literally covered in


After Ever After Parody Disney Medley Part 2

Over a year ago, singer Paint exploded online with his hilarious, and gorgeous sounding parody medley spoofing all the famous Disney princess


Wet Paint On Park Bench Prank

UC Magic's latest prank is so simple, yet genius. Rich would simply sit on a public green bench next to a


Paint On A Speaker In Super Slow Motion

Sound waves are much more powerful than we humans realize.  To demonstrate this, the popular slow motion artists, The Slowmo Guys,


Paint Exploding In Super Slow Motion At 15,000 Frames/Second

The popular Slowmo Guys are made up of two British teens with a super slow motion Phantom V1610 camera. In their latest segment, they


Thrift Shop Music Video Literal Recreation In Microsoft Paint

Literal MS Paint is a channel focused on recreating pop music videos using Microsoft Paint in a literal sense. The channel has


Heavy Metal Fans Paint Room Using Their Long Hair As Brushes

And we've stumbled upon that strange place deep in YouTube again. This time, three Romanian heavy metal fans dip their