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Touching Google India Commercial ‘Reunion’ Will Have You Tearing Up

Google truly knows how to market.  This brand new Google India commercial masked as a touching short story has gone viral with…

Special Coca-Cola Machines Connect India And Pakistan

The relationship between India and Pakistan has been tense for decades. As a part of their global happiness campaign, Coca…

Pakistani Rollerblader Uses Unmanned Motorcycle To Pull Him

When you have plenty of time on your hands, nothing is impossible. Just check out this rollerblader apparently in Pakistan…

Senator Obama At 08 Pres Debate Says He Would Go Into Pakistan For Osama

This older video of the 2008 Presidential Debate has recently become more popular. Then Senator Obama explains his strategy and…

Osama Bin Laden’s Hideout In Pakistan

This video that has gone viral claims to show Osama Bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan. We don't really know what…



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