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John DiMaggio Loses Talking About Bacon Pancakes

Cereal Box was interviewing comedian and voice actor John DiMaggio and asked him if he had ever tried bacon pancakes. John simply explained…

Tiny Tortoises Eating Tiny Pancakes Is The Cutest

Is there anything cuter than a tiny tortoise? You might think not, but what about tiny tortoises eating tiny food? BuzzFeed cooked…

Gordon Ramsay Makes Pancake Parody

This three week old video has gone viral recently, with over 850,000 new views! Most people are familiar with British…

Look At Me Now – White Guy Raps Pancake Themed Parody Cover

Mac Lethal went viral back in January for his fast nerdy white kid rap. He's continued his rapping performances online…

Cat Eats Pancakes

Who doesn't love a huge stack of fresh pancakes? No one. Even the cat loves pancakes! Just check out this…



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