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Lego Machine Folds And Launches Paper Airplane

Ah, the paper airplane. It's been around for almost as long as paper has. But only now with modern technology can


Cardboard Airplane Really Flies

It's always exciting to see your hard work finally pay off. Waddington35 and his buddy tirelessly worked to build a homemade remote control


Boomerang Paper Airplane

ToMistheToM has mastered the art of the paper airplane. Not only does his paper airplane fly smoothly, but it also circles around


How To Fold The World Record Paper Airplane

John Collins is known as The Paper Airplane Guy online, and truly lives up to his name. The paper airplane enthusiast has


Handheld Paper Airplane Folder And Launcher Is Awesome

There's a lot of talk abut 3D printers these days, but what are they good for besides for printing silly


Fan Throws Paper Airplane From Top Of Stadium And Hits Player

An English fan bored during a football game threw a paper airplane from the top of the stadium. Incredibly, he hit


World’s Largest Paper Airplane Flies Over Arizona

To keep kids interested in science and aviation, Pima Air & Space Museum holds a Great Paper Airplane Project each year. This year,


Infinitely Flying Paper Airplane Circles Over Electric Stove Hack

It may sound impossible, but if one is stubborn enough, they can make a paper airplane seemingly fly forever. As


Hovering Paper Plane Trick

Nerdy science channel Steve Spangler Science shows how to make a paper airplane hover in midair. By simply having identical fans blowing


World’s Largest Paper Airplane

Published at the start of the weekend, this video by the PIMA Air & Space Museum already has over half a million


World Record Paper Airplane Distance Throw

ThePaperAirplaneGuy brings us this special world record paper airplane throw that already has over 800,000 views in just three days. Joe


Paper Airplane Tossed Off Building Lands In Mailbox Slot

Three buddies on the roof of a building folded up some paper airplanes and held a paper airplane toss. I