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Make Your Own Cool Origami Yoda

The power you have Yoda to build! At least with this creative tutorial by Origami Plus. "No Force Required. :-)…

Printing A GIF Into A Flip-Book

Of course it is not really a new thing to print out single frames of a moving image (GIF) to…

How To Wrap A Gift Just With Paper (And No Tape)

If you happen to have a last minute present, but no tape to put it all together - just do…

Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army 2

In 2013 this video of a fight between Ginger Cat and a paper army went viral with over 4 million…

Incredible Tiny Revving Single-Cylinder Engine From Paper

This is totally crazy! Aliaksei Zholner built a very small one cylinder machine out of paper. And then he opens…

Paper Beat Created With Just Piece Of Paper And Scissors

Musician Andrew Huang had an extra paper backdrop he was done with, but didn't want to waste it. So he incorporated the…

Paper Star Wars

This video encompasses the entire original Star Wars trilogy, made entirely from paper. Instead of classic, dramatic John Williams music,…



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