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Parachuting Off The Great Wall Of China

Pittsburgh Paragliding claims to be the first to ever parachute off the Great Wall of China. Naturally, he had a camera…

Extreme Paraglider Soars Over Europe

Daredevil Jean-Baptiste CHANDELIER takes paragliding to the extreme. In his newest viral video, he soars over the French and Greece skyline while…

104 Year Old Woman Is Oldest Person To Go Paragliding

For the second time, Peggy has gone paragliding at the not so old age of 104 years old. As they…

Paraglider Goes Flying With His Hawk

What's cooler than owning a hawk? How about going paragliding with your beast of a bird. This dude goes flying…

Eagle Crashes Into Paraglider

On a lovely day, a Russian paraglider was enjoying his first flight in the Himalayas. All of a sudden, two…



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