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Two Strangers Play The Piano Together At Paris Train Station

At a train station in Paris, the city installed a piano for passersby and travelers to play and enjoy. While


Pianist Performs John Lennon’s Imagine After Paris attacks

The entire Western world has been grappling with the horrific news of the multiple terror attacks that occurred on Friday


Boeing 787 Jumbo Jet Takes Off Almost Completely Vertically

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is the second largest jumbo jet in the world, only smaller than the Airbus A380. At


Crowd Sings John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ At Charlie Hebdo Unity March

Millions of people took the streets in unity marches and rallies across France to honor the 17 victims of the Charlie


Falling As A Homeless Man VS Falling As A Business Man Social Experiment

Wearing a suit make all the difference in how you are treated. To demonstrate how society reacts differently based on


From Paris To New York For A Wedding

Reporter and movie-maker Casey Neistat has a way of making the mundane and banal marvelous and enthralling.  His latest short film recounts


Beyonce Performs ‘Grown Woman’ Live In Paris

Beyonce is currently touring in Europe, and just recently hitting up France. Ysmael Olmos was lucky enough to get a up close


Paris VS New York City Animation

When one thinks of world-class cities, New York City and Paris are no doubt near the top of the list.


Cycle Skating In The 20’s

Rollerblades really took off in the 80's and 90's, but the idea for the roller skating alternative was born many


Flooding In Paris 8/5/11

And just when America thought we got all the crazy weather, here's proof the whole world is under the wrath