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Throwing Fruit And Vases At Park Strollers Prank

Norwegian music sensation Ylvis doesn't only create hilarious music videos, such as their latest Massachusetts. They also put together outrageous pranks published


Scary Headless Man Prank

With Halloween just around the corner, the spooky pranks are really starting to pour in online. And few can compete


Indiana Jones In Real Life

Without a doubt, the most famous Indiana Jones scene is from Raiders Of The Lost Ark when Indy switches the idol


Asking Strangers To Cover For Me Prank

As a fun social experiment, Official Comedy sent Patrick to the park with a mission to ask strangers to cover for


Yellow Stone Park Hikers Encounter Bison

While visiting Yellow Stone Park for a hike through nature, Michael Berman and his significant other had a great encounter with a


Fake Twin Brother Prank At The Park

PrankvsPrank and British YouTuber Jack Gap went viral last week with their hilarious twin teleport prank that they pulled off with Jack's twin. Gordon


My Foot Fell Asleep Prank

You know that weird feeling when you're sitting wrong and your foot gets a weird, fuzzy, tingly feeling. For some


Man Cut In Half Prank

Comedian Andy Gross scared the pants off of several passersby by seemingly removing himself from his pants. Somehow, he created


The Statue Experiment Prank In New York City Park

Jeff Greenspan likes conducting social experiments in his home town of New York City. His latest trick is actually his most


Tap Dancing Seagull

This short yet sweet video by B Rogers has exploded since debuting over the weekend. While going for a stroll in


Jim The Best Rag Time Piano Player At Walt Disney World

Chewbarka Tags published this video nearly three years ago, but it has only gone viralviral now, amassing over half a million


Escaped Lion At The Park Prank

YouTube is packed with prankster these days, but Tom Mabe is one of the originals, standing with over 19 million