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Farting On People At Disneyland Prank

Prankster Jack Vale makes a living pissing people off and posting the hilarious results on YouTube. One of his favorite


Eagle Snatches Toddler Sitting In Park But Thankfully Drops Him

MrNuclearCat was at a nice park in Montreal and spotted a beautiful Golden Eagle soaring the sky, so he took out


Cute Chubby Dachshund Plays In The Park In Slow Motion

Artistic hipster and dog lover Iso In SloMo specializes in artsy slow motion videos as her name suggests. And the web loves


Angry Birds Land Tour In Finland

Just when you thought the firestorm that is Angry Birds finally calmed down on the Internet, this amateur video tour of the


Quadruplets In The Park Improv Prank

Everyone's favorite Internet improv group, Improv Everywhere, is back again with their latest video that is now trending. In their latest


Dog Slides Down Playground Slide On Command

MrPaddlepower has a very well trained dog, Tom. When he asks Tommy, 'Would you like to play on the slide?' and


Owner Screams After Dog Herding Deer In Park

Dogs just can't help their instincts. Some dogs just have herding in their blood, and when they see a group


Merry Go Round Horse Race

It seems ImprovEverywhere is almost guaranteed viral gold. In this episode, the improv group stage a full horse race, complete with


Goose and Old Man Friends In Park

Dominic is an older man who, like thousands of people, enjoys a walk in the park. But he doesn't have