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Parkour Professor

There have been parkour fails and parkour cats, but a parkour teacher? Now there is. Mr. Steffen is a student…

Parkour FAIL

Just to start things off, here's an epic Parkour fail. God that's got to hurt. I think I pooped myself…

Amazing Parkour Cat Catches Bird

Birds are famous for their love of catching birds, but when was the last time you saw the take down…

Parkour Gym Has Mario Obstacles

Tempest Freerunning Academy just opened and to promote the gym they developed this video. They are¬†California's first indoor training facility…

Guy Flips Into T-Shirts

You have to serious moves to flip and jump into a t-shirt. Even if some of the successful t-shirt catches…

1930’s Black And White PK Parkour

And people thought Parkour, or PK, was a new phenomenon of the past decade or so. People were pulling off…

Parkour PK Dog

This dog from Ukraine has got some crazy Parkour moves.

Cat Parkour PK

Parkour is the Internet sensation of people with incredible jumping skills. Here are cats showing off their amazing feline parkour…

Amazing Parkour PK Gymnastics Damien Walters 2010

Damien is a gymnastics god, bouncing off of walls and flipping around in this new Parkour gymnastics installment.  



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