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Tom Haverford’s Business Ideas Supercut

Tom Haverford, played by Aziz Ansari, had some crazy ideas on NBC's Parks And Recreation. Some were actually interesting, while others…

Baby Adorably Starts Dancing Every Time The Parks And Rec Theme Song Plays

LARRY GALLAGHER's toddler son is a huge fan of NBC's Parks and Recreation. He doesn't understand the show at all,…

Amy Poeler Answers Teen’s Make Up Question In ‘Ask Amy’

Amy Pohler fans are delighted after Smart Girls published the first episode of Ask Amy, a show where the Parks and Rec…

Star Trek More Like Parks & Recreation

Star Trek was definitely not a sitcom. When it originally aired, only nerds and geeks watched the show. Now the…

Jabba The Hutt Parks And Rec Opening Spoof

The Famous Star Wars antagonist, Jabba The Hutt, is a gruesome, evil gang lord. He kills people without batting an eye.…



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