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I Want To Be Like My Owner So I Do Everything She Does

Parrots are excellent animals when it comes to imitating others. These two have practiced for sometime, as you can see


Parrot Activates Siri On iPhone

Birds are arguably the only creatures in the animal kingdom who can speak like us. Sure, it's hard to argue that


Parrot Sick Of The Holidays Takes Down Toy Santa Claus

The holidays are a funny thing. At first, we're all excited to see our family, enjoy some delicious holiday treats,


Parrot Apparently Mourning Dead Bird Is Adorably Sad

It's a fact that many animals mourns their dead, such as elephants and dogs. Most people know that, but one


Parrot Sings Everything Is Awesome

This new viral video by the bird lovers at Birds On Safari is simply... awesome. Their Yellow Nape Amazon at Birds On Safari in


Parrot Turns The Sink On For A Shower And Likes The Pressure High

Miss Iris the parrot is one smart cookie. The gorgeous blue parrot understands how the kitchen sink works, so whenever


Bird Sounds Exactly Like R2-D2

The Internet has seen parrots who can make the iconic sounds of R2-D2, but that doesn't make this video any


Laughing Parrots Are Terribly Creepy

This relatively ancient video from 2007 has gone viral again now with over 250,000 new views. The video features two


Parrot Doesn’t Want To Be Touched

Try petting this parrot and he'll tell you exactly how he feels. "Don't touch me!" Oh, a wise guy, eh?


Parrots Annoying Cats Compilation

Cats are famous online for being the most passive aggressive pets, but apparently there's one unlikely animals that knows how


Dog And Parrot Race Up The Stairs

Bowie the parrot and PaiMei the dog race up the stairs. Who's gonna win? Even with a distraction, PaiMei still wins.  But


Bird Flies Along With Woman Biker In Thailand

Athlete and world traveler Mike Swick admits that this scene "maybe the strangest thing he ever filmed in Thailand." While travelling