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Bear Is Having A Party

All by himself. Who says friends and family are the most important in life, when you can just be by…

This Party Is Lit

When you literally got everything mixed up.

I Feel So Alone

I don't know anybody, I'm going home!

She Was Just Trying To Finish Her Six Pack!

These 4th of July celebrations are getting out of hand people! [embed][/embed]

Kids Try 100 Years Of Party Snacks

As much as the next thing, party snacks go in and out of fashion as well. What differences are there…

The Worst Things About A Pool Party

Pool party season is here! Nothing but craziness and happy times, but there are a few downsides to it unfortunately...…

When You’re Partying But Not Really

This woman has serious skills--fake boozing, but still dedicated enough to bite the lemon.

Cyanide & Happiness Shorts: Pool Party

Just an ordinary Cyanide & Happiness party. With already over 1.4 million guests. Sweet! "Hey man, cool party!"

The Worst New Year’s Countdown of 2016

So this is... awkward. At least. The Australian tv show "The Loop" tried to get some emotions into the final…

Watch London’s Epic 360° New Year’s Fireworks

After Sydney's pretty cool fireworks yesterday, I found another pretty awesome one for you to rewatch. London even did film…

Watch Sydney’s Cool New Year’s Eve 2016 Midnight Fireworks

This video of the midnight fireworks downunder is trending right now with a quarter million views already. So if your…

An Honest New Year’s Eve Party

After ASAP Science's prediction of your New Year's going to suck, College Humor presents us an honest New Year's Eve…


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