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Rupert Grint Gets Mistaken For Ed Sheeran All The Time

On a recent episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden star guests Rupert Grint and Patrick Steward told


Hugh Jackman Loses It Over Sir Patrick Stewart’s Ridiculous Circumcision Story

Over 1.7 million views on this bit from The Graham Norton Show. "Even Graham can’t stop laughing." via: reddit


Patrick Stewart Acts Out The Most Annoying People On A Plane

Travelling on a long flight can be very convenient, but there is a price to pay for moving around the


Patrick Stewart Wearing Ridiculous Musical Christmas Hat

This video of Patrick Stewart grimacing while wearing a ridiculous singing Christmas hat has instantly gone viral. Not only does


Patrick Stewart’s Ice Bucket Challenge Is A Class Act

Patrick Stewart is an Officer of the Order of the British Empire and is also a Knight. So you know he's


Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Play The Newlywed Game

It's no secret. The Internet loves science fiction actors Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. How can you not love Magneto and


Patrick Stewart Demonstrates The ‘Quadruple Take’

In a very relaxed environment, Madameozell had the pleasure of having the one and only Captain Picard, aka Sir Patrick Stewart, demonstrate the


Patrick Stewart Gives Passionate Response To Question On Domestic Violence

Sir Patrick Stewart was recently at Comicpalooza 2013, and took part in a Q&A session. Heather Skye took the opportunity to