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Lovely Stranger Things x Peanuts-Mashup

I really want this to go viral! Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez present us an entertaining mashup of "Peanuts" and…

Alton Brown Makes Wok Fried Peanut Butter

Foodie Alton Brown loves peanut butter. He loves it so much, he eats the nutty spread right out of the jar.…

Charlie Brown Peanuts Movie Trailer

The next generation Charlie Brown movie is here! Fox Family Entertainment has just unveiled this new trailer for a CGI, 3D Peanuts…

Harlem Shake Charlie Brown Peanuts Edition

Already, YouTube is covered with parodies and covers of the now meme-famous Harlem Shake dance. So what makes this spoof…

Matrix Lobby Scene Recreated With Peanuts

The Matrix was one of those films that changed the industry. How many subsequent movies used or inspired their special…



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