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‘Mad Feet’ Is A Mad Max/Happy Feet Mashup

This recut by Nico Bellamy works pretty well. "A recut trailer featuring George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road and Happy


Epic Battle Simulator: 11,000 Penguins vs 4,000 Santa Clauses

With the Epic Battle Simulator you'll be able to let armies of absurd things and people and animals to fight


Penguins Try To Escape Zoo

A zookeeper at Denmark's Zooodense noticed bird footprints on the ground, specifically, penguin feet. After following the footprints down the hall, she


Little Penguins At The Zoo Are The Cutest

Everyone knows that penguins are already super cute and adorable. But these penguins are even cuter! Even their name is


Penguins Jumping From Water Straight Up Onto High Iceberg

Penguins may not be able to fly, but they sure have other amazing talents. While touring Antarctica, beanontheroadagain caught a group of


Penguins Walking Around First Class During Flight

Passengers of a Delta flight 1641 were lucky enough to have two very special guests join them on their journey


Sidney Crosby Hits Home Run at PNC Park

Several Penguins players stopped by PNC Park on 9/8/10 and took part in a batting practice. Sidney Crosby hits one