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SUV Plows into Pennsylvania Storefront

SUV Plows into Pennsylvania Storefront

[rumble][/rumble] We caught a hit and run on our Nest doorbell camera. More

Small Town Reacts Hilariously After Only Dunkin Donuts Burns Down

Everyone has their corporate fast-food fix of choice. Perhaps it's the infamous Big Mac, or a double mocha latte at…

Ice Fisher Shocked When He Accidentally Catches Duck

Nicholas Colangelo was ice fishing in Pennsylvania with his buddy when something very unexpected happened. The flag on one of their…

Woman Misses Building Implosion Because Of Her Nervous Dog

It seemed the entire neighborhood had come out to watch the Queen Lane Apartment building in Philadelphia implode. It's not everyday…

80 Amish People Literally Pick Up And Move House In Pennsylvania

The Amish are a resilient, self-sufficient people. That's how they've survived for so many years with little technology in the…

Rocky In Real Life

Improv Everywhere, the web's favorite improv group most famous for their recurring no pants subway pranks, has created a new web-series, Movies…

John Merritt The Impressive Wood Carver

Rick Leone published this video in 2011, but it has only gone viral last week, amassing an astounding 1.8 million views. …

Person Drives Down The Snowy Median Of Interstate 81

People driving down Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania noticed a Kia Rio driving in the bumpy snowy median. They laugh and…

Tornado In Pennsylvania

A tornado touched down in Hempfield Pennsylvania. The cameraman gets a little overly excited at the end when he sees…

Philadelphia Gas Explosion

A gas main exploded and burst into flames in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The whole scene was caught on camera. Sadly, one…



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