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People Are Awesome: Best Videos Of The Year 2016

A year of awesomeness and people. So People Are Awesome put together a best of video of 2016 and publish…

People Are Awesome: Golf Edition

Some crazy footage put together by People are Awesome. The best of golfing 2016. And yeah, that sounds kind of…

Kids Are Awesome Compilation

It's always entertaining to watch how amazing people can be when they push themselves. But it's even more incredible to see…

People Are Awesome 2014

We humans give ourselves a bad rap. The news and media often focuses on the negative in the world, ignoring…

People Are Awesome 2013

In 2010, Hadouken The Band published People Are Awesome, and quickly went viralviral. At this point in time, the video has collected over 55 million…

People Are Awesome 2012

This is the latest 'people are awesome' compilation video to hit the web to go viral. Compilariz grabbed and put together a…



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