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Science Experiment: Liquid Nitrogen vs Pepsi

Four million views in a day! Mr Gear has done it again, this time with a little help of this


Crystal Pepsi Is Returning Commercial

Back in the 1990's everything seemed to be high-tech and updated. The Internet was just getting popular and DVD's were


Kyrie Irving Is Back As Uncle Drew Part 4

After three viral videos, Pepsi is back with another episode of their Uncle Drew series. As before, Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving has


Back to the Future Pepsi Perfect Commercial

As all Generation X and Y kids already know, 2015 is the year Marty McFly traveled to the future the classic


Girl Cries After Tasting Pepsi For First Time

It might not be good for us, but most of us have been drinking Pepsi and Coke our entire lives.


2,014 Mousetraps And 2,015 Ping-Pong Balls Makes For An Epic Reaction

In honor of the new year, Press Association teamed up with Pepsi Max to create this epic chain reaction video. The


Unbelievable Bus Stop Adds Amazing Special Effects To Real Life

To promote their product, Pepsi Max UK modified a busy bus stop in England like never before. One glass wall was


Jeff Gordon As Taxi Driver Pranks Journalist Passenger By Running From Police

Remember the viralviral video of Jeff Gordon allegedly pranking a car salesman by taking a Camaro on a seriously fast


The Card Ninja Will Blow Your Mind

Javier Jarquin is a real life Gambit. He is a master at throwing playing cards. A true Card Ninja if you will.


Stuntman Runs Through Loop The Loop Just Like Sonic

Free running stuntman Damien Walters has accomplished the once unbelievable. He successfully ran through a loop the loop only powered by


Kyrie Irving Pranks Pickup Basketball Players As Old Man ‘Uncle Drew’ Part 3

Pepsi and Kyrie%20Irving have gone viralviral twice in the past with their Uncle Drew prank where Kyrie%20Irving dresses as an old man, and


Crazy Guy Takes Pepsi Bath

After a long day's work there's nothing like a refreshing cola. Cola bath that is. AT least that's what one