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British Magician Dynamo Levitates On Side Of Double Decker Bus

London is one of the world's most famous cities, renown for their tea, Buckingham Palace guards, and of course, their


Pepsi Beyoncé Mirrors Grown Woman Music Video

Pepsi has once again collaborated  with the one and only Beyoncé to star in this music video commercial, titled Mirrors. Beyonce dances in


Disguised Jeff Gordon Test Drives In A Camaro Pranking The Car Salesman

Pepsi and NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon teamed up to pull a fast one on a local car salesman.  Under hidden camera, Chevy


Ellen Interrupts Sofia Vergara’s Diet Pepsi Commercial

Last week, popular South American superstar Sofia Vergara graced The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As is her hallmark, Ellen couldn't pass


SodaStream Unaired Coke VS Pepsi Superbowl Commercial Banned By CBS

Soda Stream is the new at-home water carbonation soda maker system that is taking the soft drink industry by storm. For the Superbowl


Can Of Coca Cola Fighting Through Hordes Of Pepsi CGI Commercial

 created this very unofficial and very amazing CGI Coca Cola commercial a month ago, and it already stand with over 80,000


Kyrie Irving And Kevin Love Prank Street Basketball Game Wearing Old Man Costumes In Uncle Drew Part 2

Remember when Kyrie Irving teamed up with Pepsi Max to trick some kids on the street playing a pick up game of


Kyrie Irving In Old Man Costume Plays Street Ball Pepsi Max Commercial

Pepsi hired Rookie of the Year 2012 Kyrie Irving to play a fun prank at a pick up game in Bloomfield, NJ. Dressed


David Beckham Pepsi Commercial

David Beckham stars in this Pepsi viral video. Beckham is challenged to kick soccer ball in very far away trash cans. He of


Pepsi Max Girlfriend Makes Her Guy Diet 2011 Super Bowl Commercial

A guy tries to eat junk food, but his girlfriend keeps catching him. The he drinks Pepsi Max and she


Pepsi Max Doritos Church Super Bowl Commercial 2011

Doritos and Pepsi Max are so good, they can even make people go to church. Now that must be tasty.


Pepsi Max Snoop Dogg Commercial, Pepsi Max VS Coke Zero

Pepsi has a battle between Coke Zero and Pepsi Max. Two diet drinks that use different chemicals than regular diet