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Realistic Mortal Kombat

Late night host Pete Holmes went viral two months ago with his hilarious spoof of what a more realistic Super Mario


Sherlock Holmes Sucks At Deduction

Sherlock Holmes is just so cool. The way he's able to make such outlandish guesses and deductions from the smallest


Realistic Super Mario

The Super Mario universe is of course pure fantasy. Fighting, flying turtles, fireball powers, an evil dragon who kidnaps princesses,


Street Fighter Red Tape: What is Ryu Really Saying

Ryu is one of the most popular characters in the Street Fighter video game franchise. He has some really sweet


Professor X Fires Angel From The X-Men

New late night show host on the block, Pete Holmes, is back with his hilarious series, Ex-Men.  As per usual, Professor


James Bond Is A Drinking Lightweight

James Bond is the smooth, confident, and composed secret agent feared by criminals around the world. Mobsters, terrorists, and even


Firing Gambit From The X-Men Comedy Sketch

Superhero and comic book lover Pete Holmes is on a viral roll! Over the past week he has been trending for


What Really Happens When Superman Asks Batman To Partner Comedy Sketch

NSFW language! Comic book and superhero obsessed Pete Holmes is back again after his recent and very viral Professor X Fires Wolverine In