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Jimmy Fallon And Pharrell Williams Put On 80’s R&B Performance As Afro And Deziak

Ahh, the 1980's. It was a glorious decade with some amazing music. Jimmy Fallon brought the 80's back to life on The


‘Tacky’ By Weird Al Spoofs ‘Happy’

The Internet went absolutely crazy with Pharrell's hit sing Happy. Users still can't help sharing, spoofing, and liking the catchy song.


Hugs Music Video By Lonely Island And Pharrell

The Internet is giddy that comedy-music group The Lonely Island has debuted two new music videos after appearing on SNL this


‘Happy’ Music Video Without The Music Is Weird

House of Halo used some masterful editing, and somehow removed the music from Pharrell's ultra popular Happy music video. It's a strange


Happy By Pharrell Performed On Vine

After listening to Pharrell's hit song Happy for the millionth time, musician Rob Scallon realized that one measure in the tune was exactly


Trombone Loop Cover Of Happy By Pharrell

This cover video by Christopher Bill has gone viral with over 300,000 hits so far!  Chris takes on Pharrell's ultra popular hit


Instrumental Acoustic Cover Of Happy By Pharrell

Musicians David Wong, Clerida Eltime, Bryan Mulholland, and Josh Kinzler take on the Web's current musical obsession, Happy by Pharrell.  They perform the upbeat tune


Happy By Pharrell In Family Guy Voices

Everyone is covering Happy by Pharrell. It's the Web's latest obsession.  But no one has put on a performance quite


Elementary School Choir Covering ‘Happy’ By Pharrell Will Make You Smile

This adorable performance by the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences choir is trending as viewers simply can't watch without smiling. 


Pentatonix Performs A Cappella Cover Of ‘Happy’ By Pharrell

The Web has found a new song to obsess over, the positive and upbeat tune Happy by Pharrell.  The song is


Star Wars ‘Happy’ Music Video

Pharrell's new upbeat tune Happy has taken the world, and the Web, by storm.  To promote their fun and open


Happy By Pharrell Covered On Wine Glasses

You don't need musical instruments to perform music says musician Dan Newbie. To demonstrate this, he covers Pharrell's ultra popular