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Maybe you have some resolutions for the new year, that you still want to get realized in 2017. I for


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In their newest edition of "8-Bit Philosophy" the people from Wisecrack tell us a little about this good old nostalgic


Third Graders Explains The Meaning Of Life

For generations, human beings have been asking themselves what the meaning of life is. It's too bad no one pays


Explaining Platonic Realism In 8-Bit Gaming

Everyone who took an intro philosophy class is familiar with Greek philosopher Plato and his famous piece Allegory of the Cave.


‘Deep Philosophical Video’ With A Twist

NSFW language  Have you ever watched a commercial, and afterwards have no idea what it was about or even attempting


Nine Year Old Discusses Meaning Of Life And The Universe

Zia Hassan published this video last June, but it has just started to trend today. He met a nine year old


Six Famous Paradoxes Explained

Logic and philosophy aren't the easiest forms of study to understand, so maybe this cartoon will help you learn these


Cat Interrupts Man’s Philosophical Speech

Plato asked about the holiness of an object. Does God love an object because it's holy, or is the object