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Guy Takes A Selfie For Sixteen Years

There are countless video projects out there that feature people who took a picture of themselves everyday for a couple


Man Hikes 2,600 Miles From Mexico To Canada Time Lapse

Experienced hiker Andy Davidhazy wanted to document his latest adventure is a very special way. He decided to take a selfie once


Sister Pranks Brother With Video Selfies Instead Of Picture Over And Over

Jillian Haker loves messing with her sweet brother. Over the past year, she frequently asked to take a selfie with him.


Why Men Hate Being In Pictures

For some reason, most guys feel uncomfortable having their picture taken. Most men can't put their finger on it, but


Couple Surprises Family And Friends With Pregnant News By Having Them Pose For Picture

Kris and his wife Katharine were finally pregnant! They wanted to surprise their friends and family in a special way,


Weird Bridesmaids Photos

Family photos are usually awkward. So when two families come together for a wedding, there are often quite a few weird


Picture Baby Boy Every Day For 4 Years

There are countless 'picture a day' videos online now, but most of them feature teens growing into adults. Dumo has brought


Girl Takes Photo Every Day For 5.5 Years

Madandcrazychild, the Internet famous girl who has been taking a picture of herself for years now didn't just stop at her


Taking Video Of People Who Are Smiling For A Picture

The famous creator of Marcel The Shell, aka Dean Fleischer-Camp, has returned to YouTube from their long term hiatus. But they


Barack Obama Holding Burning Constitution Picture

John McNaughton first went viral in 2010 with his painting of Barack Obama standing on the constitution, titled The Forgotton Man. Now he


Daily Photo Diary Subject Documents Face Healing After Bar Fight

A popular art piece online is the daily photo diary. A person will take a photo of themselves on a


Girl Takes Photo Of Herself Everyday For 4.5 Years

There are literally countless online videos of people who take pictures of themselves then compile them into a time lapse