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Happy Flight!

Let's spice this flight up!

Bored Private Jet Pilot Made ‘I Sit Around’ Spoof Of Beach Boys

The life of a pilot might seem like an exciting one. But for the most part, it's extremely boring. Especially…

Life As An Airline Pilot Supercut

Ever dream about being a commercial airline pilot? Many people do, but few ever learn to fly. Thankfully, with the…

Pilot Fakes In-Flight Emergency For Surprise Proposal

How many unique and creative marriage proposals can people on the Internet think of? Apparently, an infinite amount, because new…

Pilot Safely Lands Plane After Propeller Falls Off

This amazing video from a little more than a year ago just went viral now, being viewed 80,000 times just…

The Flinstones Original Pilot

The original pilot for The Flinstones, which was posted in 2008, has recently resurfaced thanks to TheHuffingtonPost and RobotMutant. At first,…


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