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Baby And Puppy Snuggle In Bouncy Chair

Eisleigh and Pitbull puppy Clyde are both newborn babies. Eisleigh is just ten weeks old, Clyde is eight weeks. Together, they…

Jimmy Fallon Plays Giant Beer Pong with Pitbull

While getting a drink at the real Moe's Tavern at Universal Resort Orlando, Jimmy Fallon and Pitbull got into a squabble. They…

We Are One, 2014 FIFA World Cup Song By Pit Bull, Jennifer Lopez, Claudia Leitte

The entire world is counting down with excitement until the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil which begins on June…

Vintage 1950’s Doo Wop Cover Of Timber By Pitbull And Kesha

Timber by Pitbull and Kesha may sound like every other pop hit these days, but that hasn't stopped the song from…

Parody Of Timber By Pitbull And Kesha Music Video

Barely Political is famous for their epic spoofs of pop music videos. Their latest cover is of Pitbull and Kesha's dance single Timber…

Dogs Wants To Go Outside, Not Take A Bath

Boomer the Pitbull may not be able to speak English, but he definitely shows signs of understanding his master. When Daterapentacos calls Boomer from the…


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