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10 Secrets About The Disney Pixar Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

Yep, the headline by Screen Rant is a little over the top, but at least the success shows that it


These Easter Eggs Connect All Pixar Movies

Disney revealed official information that all their Pixar movies are connected in some way. EMK HD uploaded this compilation of


Everything Wrong With Toy Story 3

Another trending video by Cinema Sins who give us a round of "we know it better" for the latest installment


The Hidden Meaning In WALL·E

This video by Wisecrack went viral a few days ago with now over 400,000 views, explaining us, what Pixar's "WALL·E"


Everything Wrong With Finding Dory

Cinema Sins again fillets a blockbuster by pointing out what doesn't seem right with it. This time the fishy animated

Pixar’s Dug the Talking Dog In Real Life

A cute little prank by Oh My Disney, in which they let people think, a dog could talk to them.


Ellen And Tom Hanks Have A Conversation As Dory And Woody

Most kids have no idea who Tom Hanks or Ellen DeGeneres are. But on the other hand, it's almost impossible


If Pixar Movies Ended At The Sad Parts

Pixar has perfected the formula for an emotional hit animated feature film. Viewers feel sad, hopeful, excited, scared, and then


Honest Trailer Of Finding Nemo

Pixar is returning with another much anticipated sequel, Finding Dory. Now, fans are stuck wondering, will this be a hit like Toy


Everything Wrong With Pixar’s Cars

Everyone loves Pixar. But they aren't perfect. It seemed the computer animation studio couldn't make a mistake. That was until


How To Make Pixar-Style Ratatouille

Most of us never heard of ratatouille until we saw the popular Pixar cooking movie starring the talent chef mouse


Honest Trailer Of Inside Out

Nearly everything Pixar touches turns into magic. Their latest feature film, Inside Out, in no exception. Fans of the movie