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Church Gives Pizza Delivery Guy Giant $700 Tip

Jeff Louis has been going through some pretty hard times recently, but he has pushed himself to work hard and get…

Remix Musicians Collaborate With Pizza Delivery Guy

Australian musicians Mashd N Kutcher were hungry for some pizza, so they ordered some delivery. When the deliveryman arrived, they decided…

Ellen Finally Tips The Pizza Guy At The Oscars

Many viewers at home thought that the pizza deliveryman at the Oscars was a fake gag. Nope, Edgar is a…

Pizza Delivery Guy Throws Pizza Up To Third Story Window

Talk about extreme fast delivery! Thomas Scott Oldbury recorded one pizza deliveryman hand-tossing a pizza up to the customer's window three stories high.…

Magic Tip For Pizza Delivery

Of all jobs, pizza delivery guys really have it rough. They must drive at all hours of the night on…

Secret Society Meeting Prank On Pizza Delivery Guy

You know in the movies when a character discovers a secret society? There's always the soft, yet powerful, singing in…



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