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Pizza Hut Explains The Dangers Of Selfie Sticks

Selfies have become so normalized that you can even find smartphone accessories to help take better self obsessed photos called


New Pizza Hut Interactive Tablet-Style Tables Allow You To Order Your Pizza And Game While You Wait

Pizza Hut is bringing their restaurants into the future with new interactive tables thanks to Chaotic Moon Studios. Soon, guests will


90’s Man Attempts To Use Pizza Hut Coupon From Sealed TMNT Tape From 1990

 is a new YouTube channel obviously dedicated to 1990's loving. For their first viral videos, the host--dressed like he just


Pizza Hut Cheese Burger Pizza – Crown Crust Burger

America isn't only specialized in exporting 'freedom'. No, America is also exporting fast food. The latest victim of Americanized food is


Baby Duck Eats Pizza Hut Pizza

Who doesn't love pizza? And who doesn't love Pizza Hut pizza? It's one of the world's largest pizza makers, and


Indian Pizza Hut Employees Dancing

This video from 2007 just exploded in popularity. In India the workers give a little dance show for the customers


Pizza Hut Commercial: People Love Pizza, They Don’t Love Math

The American people are dumb and fat. Pizza Hut is just being honest. The average Pizza Hut consumer does not