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Peter Pan Actor Stops Play To Propose To Wendy In Real Life

Peter Pan actor Sandor Sturbl shocked the Glasgow audience he was performing for when he stopped the play to propose to his


Sea Otter And Dog Play Hide And Seek

A sea otter and a dog seem to apparently play a game of hide-and-seek in this newly trending video. Only now


Father And Baby Son Playing Time Lapse

New father Emio Tomeoni was home alone with his baby boy, and decided to set up a time lapse camera


Kids Daycare Christmas Play Adorably Falls Apart

Even though there has never been a successful performance in history, teachers and parents will continue to insist their kids


Actor Proposes To Actress Girlfriend On Stage After Musical Performance

Proposal obsessed channel Ring On The Finger tells the story of Chris and his girlfriend Paulette. The two actors play in a local


Classic Zorro Duel Breaks Out During Lecture At Michigan University

There have been many college lecture prank videos before, but this one takes the cake. In the middle of an


Epic Japanese Slide

They say everything is bigger in America. But that's not necessarily true. Just check out this huge slide in Japan


Tiger And Dog Play

Don't believe every common saying you've heard. Like the idea that cats and dogs hate each other, that's not always


Baby Horse Plays With Big Green Ball

The colt, not pony, plays with the huge green ball until the ball has had enough.