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Stunning Card Illusions By Zach Mueller

Kuma Films visited Zach Mueller to catch some of his "California Caristry". His original tricks and illusions in this video


Hydraulic Press vs Deck of Cards

You probably know who is going to be the winner in this battle between a deck of cards and a


Cardistry Flair And Tricks That Are Sure To Amaze You

Sure, a lot of people can perform card tricks with plenty of flair and stunts. But with the help of Virtuoso cards


Floating Cards

Most people think that shuffling with style is really all there is to do with playing cards. Not anymore. Zach Mueller


‘Black Belt’ Playing Card Shuffler Will Blow Your Mind

Sure, you've seen some people attempt to wow you with their playing card shuffling tricks and jazz. But few can


Impressive Card Shuffling Flair Will Blow You Away

Bartenders have contests to show off their impressive flair and tricks, so why not card shufflers? Eliot Slevin claims that he won the


Poker Player Has Unique Reaction After Winning $15 Million

Most people would freak out in ecstasy if they won just one million dollars. But $15 million?? Time to party!! But


Poker Player Loses One Million Dollars After Unlucky Draw

Poker players Connor Drinan and Cary Katz both thought they had the other player beat. The each held pocket aces


Psychic Card Trick

Can psychic magic be real? Illusionist Eric Leclerc somehow performs a mind blowing magic card trick through the screen that


The Card Ninja Will Blow Your Mind

Javier Jarquin is a real life Gambit. He is a master at throwing playing cards. A true Card Ninja if you will.


Blind Man Is Also A Card Trick Master

Don't let Richard Turner fool you. Though he became blind as a young child, he has truly mastered playing cards.


Chinese Worker Packaging Playing Cards Incredibly Fast

This Chinese guy has hands like lightening. I couldn't imagine doing this for a living. Next time you start playing