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Epic Pogo Stick Tricks Will Get You Bouncing

The pogo stick is one of those toys that nearly all kids try out at least and quickly quit after…

Extreme Pogo Stick Tricks

The boys of Dude Perfect are known online for their impressive trick shot videos. But they are finally diversifying a bit.…

Extreme Pogo Stick Parkour

How can extreme athletes take parkour to the next level when it's been done so many times before? Combine it…

Extreme Pogo Sticking In New York City

Xpogo naturally stands for all things extreme in regards to the activity of pogo sticking. For the athletic group's latest video, they traveled to…

Pogo Stick Parkour Point Of View

Pogo sticks are one of those pieces of sporting equipment 99% of people can't even use as an amateur. But those…


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