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Take A Virtual Ride On World’s Newest Tallest Roller Coaster

Every year, amusement parks battle over the title of the tallest, fastest, or coolest new roller coaster. The new indoor


Pizza Coming Out Of The Oven Point Of View

YouTuber Haberdashery works for a pizza restaurant, and decided to experiment with his GoPro camera. He attached the camera to the pizza


Point Of View Of World’s Tallest Water Slide Is Intense

There's nothing better than hitting the water slides at the water park to cool off in the summer. Now, you


Camera On Pelican Beak Records Mind Blowing Footage

The staff of animal conservation Nomad Tanzania discovered a young pelican abandoned by its flock after a powerful storm and took


Point Of View Luge Ride Will Get Your Pulse Racing

Ever wonder what it's like to speed down the luge? Back in 2012, Matthew Mortensen rode the doubles luge track in Sochi,


BMX Bike Ride Through The Mall Will Take You For A Wild Ride

This helmet camera video posted on Vimeo by Rick is a trip. Literally.  Watch through the daring rider's perspective as he barrels through


Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Dance With GoPro-Fitted Hula Hoop

It's not difficult to see why this video by Blue Star Media has gone viral over the weekend with over half


Crab Net Camera Offers Stunning View Of Underwater World

Scott Murray attached a GoPro camera to one of his crab nets while fishing.  He never expected to capture such stunning


This Incredible Wingsuit Flight Through A Narrow Utah Canyon Will Blow You Away

Aviation and wing-suit master Scotty Bob is a pro, so don't try this one yourself.  Scott daringly flew through an extremely narrow canyon


Biker Backflips Over Edge Of Canyon Wearing Point Of View GoPro Camera

During this year's Red Bull Rampage, Kelly McGarry pulled off an incredible backflip. While biking down the edge of a towering 72-foot


Red Bull Stratos Jump Multi-Angle Point Of View

A year ago, Red Bull made world headlines when they helped daredevil Felix Baumgartner jump from the stratosphere. That video


Flying Eagle Point Of View

YouTuber Srachi posted this incredible nature video two days ago, and now the viral video has amassed over 600,000 views! Somehow, a bald