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Honest Game Trailer: Pokémon X & Y

What Screen Junkies are for movies, Smosh Games are for gaming. In this episode of "Honest Game Trailers" they picked


Epic Rap Battle: Ash Ketchum vs Charles Darwin

In the newest edition of "Epic Rap Battles of History" two completely different adversaries battle each other. Brian Walters as

Awesome Pokémon Go! Halloween Costume

This thing is going viral on Twitter and Facebook right now, but if you haven't seen it yet - take

Drawing Pokémon From Memory

Nowerdays Pokémon are everywhere again. But can you remember every detail of those cute little bastards? theodd1sout and Jaiden Animation


Pokemon Theme Song Covered In 20 1990’s Styles

What year is it? It was over 20 years ago when Pokemon took the video game world by storm. Now,


Honest Trailer Of Pokemon Go

Angry Birds and Candy Crush can move on over, because there's a new smartphone game in town. Of course we're


Pokemon Interrupts State Department Briefing

If there was ever a situation where you should stop and pay attention and put your phone down, it's when you're


Pokemon Go In Real Life In New York City

Move over Candy Crush. It seems like everyone is talking about Pokemon Go, the newest smartphone game craze. Casey Neistat decided to


Everything You Need To Know Pokémon Go

Confused by the latest smart phone game phenomenon, Pokemon Go? It seems like everyone is obsessed with this game, even


Guy Falls Into Pond Playing Pokemon Go

Like seemingly everyone else, Gragas The Rabble Rouser is a big fan of the new Pokemon Go smartphone game by Nintendo and


Woman’s Hilarious Rant About Pokemon Go

At first Kristen Tuff Scott was really annoyed by all the kids coming into her work looking for Pokemon while playing the


Everyone Is Playing Pokemon Go

In case you haven't heard, Nintendo's Pokemon is finally available at the App store. It's an augmented reality game where players