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PSY Dances To Single Ladies And Poker Face At Concert

In case Korean pop music isn't your thing, here's the lowdown: Outrageous Korean pop artist PSY recently became a viral


Roller Coaster Rider Keeps Straight Face The Entire Time

This older, original video from 2010 has started to trend again after a stolen copy was featured on the front


Bomb Squad Soldier Dances To Lady Gaga Poker Face

When I'm defusing a bomb I'm not nervous at all. I like to dance! Who cares if I can explode


Old Couple Dancing To I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Pokerface

The Time Machine Band performed I Wanna Dance With Somebody at a gig in a casino. They recorded their performance


Larry King Sings Poker Face With Ryan Seacrest On Radio

There as a time when Larry King was a distinguished television host. Now the world truly is coming to an