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Polar Bear Comes in for Close Up

[rumble][/rumble] The polar bear approaches the photographer and the photographer chases it away. More


Polar Bear Petting Dog

David de Meulles got the rare opportunity to film a polar bear. And then he hit the jack-pot as this


Polar Bear cub can’t swim yet

This precious video was published in 2013, but has only gone viral now with over 1.25 million new views. At


Boy And Polar Bear Play Catch At Zoo

Everyone knows dogs love to play catch, but what about bears, their distant relative?  In this shocking short clip taking


Toronto Zoo’s Polar Bear Cub Reveals His Name

Remember Toronto Zoo's viral polar bear cub superstar? The little guy has already amassed over 7 million hits!  Now, he's


Polar Bear Cub Introduced to Snow for the First Time

The Toronto Zoo's adorable new resident went viral three weeks with over 5 million views! Now, their precious polar bear cub


Polar Bear Cub’s First Steps Are Adorable

This adorable animal video by Toronto Zoo has instantly gone viral with over a quarter million hits already! The clip features


Camera On Polar Bear Collar Offers Bear Point Of View

Oregon Zoo has attached a special collar to their polar bear Tasul in the hopes of learning more about the endangered


Photographer In Protective Box Has Close Encounter With A Polar Bear

Photographer Gordon Buchanan traveled to the Arctic to document a polar bear family for the BBC2's upcoming special, My Polar Bear Family and


The Real Bears Anti-Sugary Drinks Animation PSA

The image of cartoon polar bears around Christmas time often reminds people of Coca Cola. After nearly a century of


Mother Polar Bear Helps Cub Out Of Water

The more nature videos you watch, the more you realize how similar we are to the animals we feel so


Two Polar Bear Cubs Playing In The Snow

Children are children, no matter the species. It's really amazing how playful these adorable polar bear cubs are as caught