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NYPD Cop Abuses Uber Driver

This video taken by a passenger in an Uber car in New York City has instantly gone viral with over


Time Lapse Of New York City Anti-Police Brutality March

The media may have moved on, but the masses are still very upset over the lack of an indictment of the


NYPD Arrest Musician For Performing In Subway

Seeing a musician performing in subway stations is a common sight in New York City. But apparently, one New York


Man Confronts Police After Learning They Shot His Dog

Sean Kendall was going about his day as usual when he got a phone call. During an investigation, a Salt Lake City


Father Arrested At School Board Meeting For Speaking Out Of Turn

William Baer, a father of child at a Gilford, New Hampshire school, was arrested for speaking out of turn at a


Parent Arrested For Questioning Common Core During Forum In Baltimore County

The controversial standardized school program Common Core has many parents nervous and upset.  Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools and


Cop Fired for Speaking Out Against Ticket and Arrest Quotas

As most people hope, former Auburn police officer Justin Hanners joined the force to help his community, fight crime, and


Driver Is Searched Without Consent At DUI Checkpoint On 4th Of July

The Fourth of July is supposed to be the holiday to celebrate our independence from a tyrannical police state. But


Twelve Year Old Stands Up To Motorcycle Cop Who Parks On Sidewalk

This video was published in September but has only gone viralviral now. The web is peppered with police encounter videos,


Prankster Jumps Over Cop, Gets Arrested

YouTube prankster Ross Creations has made a name for himself online for taking his pranks one step further than the rest.


Police Helicopter Lands Just To Harrass Woman Searching For Rocks By The Road

NSFW - language.  Stonedagin1's friend was simply searching for rocks and other collectibles in the desert by the side of the road


Texas Mom Arrested For Letting Kids Play Outside

Viewers are outraged after a Texas mother was arrested for charges of child neglect while she watched them play on their scooters in